2025 R SideKick

2025 R SideKick

SideKick introduced the newest model in its John Deere line of Sidekick attachments – the 2025 R SideKick.

The patented SideKick was developed to help sports field managers, turf contractors and ultimately, athletes. When natural grass on athletic fields gets worn down and needs to be replaced, turf managers often seek thick-cut sod for immediate results. Thick-cut sod can be up to four inches thick. It’s much heavier than regular sod, which greatly increases stability and playability.

However, the installation process can be very labor intensive and all too often, just sloppy. Using rakes and other crude mechanical means leads to damaged turf and gaping seams. SideKick was developed to make installation of sod that’s 3/4 of an inch to four inches thick easier and faster while more effectively closing seams between the rolls.

And since SideKick never touches the grass, there’s no damage to the turf. In fact, using SideKick actually improves the turf quality by compressing the sod making it stronger and softer.

All models available for two unit lease packages to ensure that you always have a SideKick at the ready.

For more information, visit https://www.sidekickusa.com/