The Motz Group garners Certified Evergreen status

The Motz Group, an employee-owned sports field construction and maintenance business, and its sister company USGreentech, a quality synthetic turf infill manufacturer, were recently awarded Certified Evergreen status by the Tugboat Institute. This certification recognizes businesses that positively impact their employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and families by measuring performance according to the tenants of the Evergreen 7Ps and a demonstrated, long-term ability to thrive.

Joe Motz, founder and CEO of Motz, was passionate about earning Evergreen status, so much so that striving to become a premier evergreen organization is part of the vision that the corporation aspires to be.

“Our commitment to being an Evergreen company takes dedication to train up the next generation of leaders and an understanding that we’re all building a company that will far outlast any of our tenures,” said Motz. “People are our greatest asset and they come first. We have our employee’s backs not just during the good times but also during challenging times. We became employee owned in 2017, which was a strategic step to share the profit of the organization and to create a stronger culture that is built on our foundational purpose: Motz Moves People to Better Lives.”

The Motz Group joins other companies that have become Certified Evergreen, such as Enterprise Holdings, Radio Flyer, and Mars Candy – all of which now continue to undergo a comprehensive, rigorous assessment evaluating their continual improvement of values, practices, and commitment to the people they serve and employ. Once certified, Evergreen companies become members of a select peer group of similarly honored organizations that attracts talented professionals, influential partners, and loyal customers.

Becoming certified Evergreen builds accountability and ensure Motz is moving forward well beyond the current leadership, focusing on future generations. Obtaining this certification illustrates its sustained and deeply embedded dedication to the 7Ps (Purpose, Perseverance, People First, Private, Profit, Paced Growth, and Pragmatic Innovation) and the wellness of its employee-owners, who support and uphold these core tenets. Though not all certified Evergreen companies are employee owned, a good portion are — it’s a business model known for positive company culture, ingenuity, and growth.