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Soccer Association Reduced Cost and Improved Line Quality Using Automatic Sports Field Painter

American Youth Soccer Association in Pasadena (CA) have added a new player to their team – the TinyLineMarker Sport field painter. The biggest benefit for them has been the cost savings; they have reduced their material cost by 2/3 while increasing the quality of their fields.

AYSO is a volunteer association with 28 fields in 8 different locations. They have many different fields, ranging from U4/U5 soccer fields up to full-size upper division fields. They have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use the field painter.


Easier Field Painting Than Ever Before

“I never thought it would be this easy”, says Bryan Samuels, the Regional Commissioner for AYSO Region 214. In Bryan’s opinion, if people are used to using a smartphone or similar, they can easily operate the sports field painter. All that is needed is the robot, tablet – and paint.

Huge Cost and Time Savings

Their goal was to reduce cost. Their field cost and field spend took up about 33 % of their annual budget which was too much. With the robot, they have reduced their material cost by 2/3.

Bryan estimates that they will be able to pay back the investment within year 1 of operation. On top of saving time, AYSO also save a lot of paint since they no longer have to maintain lines on fields that are not in use. If the lines disappear, the robot will simply re-paint them from scratch in the exact same location with an accuracy of 0.4-0.8”.

“Everything about the robot has exceeded our expectations, it’s been awesome.”

Designed for Easy Transportation and Handling

With the robot weighing only 55 lbs, transportation is very easy and AYSO have no trouble reaching their different locations, all using a regular sized Prius to transport the robot.

“I was able to pick the machine up, put it in the back of my Prius, and drive it around to the various fields, pull it out (…), touch the tablet, set Go and away it went”, says Bryan.

Manage All Fields from Intuitive Tablet

Managing the fields and templates from the tablet has been amazing according to Bryan.  “The templates are drag and drop, you put them on a Google satellite image, you can modify them, shrink them, grow them, spin them, move them in slight directions here or there to avoid mud puddles. It’s really been amazing, it’s been a huge time and money saver.”

All fields are saved online and can always be accessed later. This means that the fields can be shared between robots – a huge benefit for customers who have more than one robot, such as school districts, Parks & Recs Departments and professional landscape service providers.

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