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DLF brings seed enhancement investment to North America

DLF announced plans for significant investment in its seed enhancement capabilities including a new, state of the art facility and equipment, and begins with the hiring of two of the industry’s best to lead and support this important development.

Brian Jaasko and Robert Keeter have joined DLF to head the company’s seed enhancement and coating strategy. Jaasko is a leading expert worldwide in seed enhancement technology and its strategic applications, while Keeter has excelled alongside Jaasko in operations for much of his career. Their experience will help ensure a successful build and startup of DLF’s first seed enhancement facility to be located near Corvallis, Ore.

“We make this leap forward with great confidence knowing we have Brian and Robert’s experience and leadership,” said Claus Ikjaer, CEO for DLF Pickseed USA. “This allows us to bring an integrated experience to customers and positions us to lead the delivery of seed enhancement technology to the market.”

This advancement will allow DLF to not only serve customers more efficiently, but also deliver added value. The team will focus on driving value by leveraging DLF’s research and development teams to validate technologies and partnering with customers to support training and education on seed enhancements.

“We are thrilled to have both Brian and Robert on board to develop DLF into an industry leader for seed enhancements. This is an area that is developing rapidly and adds significant value to our customers and products,” said Ikjaer.