2022 STMA Innovative Award winners announced

Congratulations to Sports Labs, SGL Inc., Covermaster and Turf-Tec International who were chosen as STMA’s 2022 “Innovative Award” winners.

Sports Labs Field Marshall

Sports Labs won with its “Field Marshall” device. The Field Marshall has taken three current testing devices for sports surfaces and combined them into one easy-to-use device. Previously you needed to use a GMAX, Clegg and Advanced artificial athlete devices, which weighed more than 200 pounds and need four cases to carry the equipment. With this innovation, one simple device weighing less than 25 pounds can do all the work. Learn more at https://sportsfields.info/news/sports-labs-launches-compact-impact-attenuation-device/.

SGL Inc. TurfPod

SGL Inc.’s “TurfPod” is a small device that allows turfgrass professionals to track six key agronomic data points. When placed on a surface, the TurfPod operates automatically and displays microclimate data in real time on the SGL Portal. This information can be used to make decisions on fertility, irrigation, and supplemental lighting. Learn more at https://sglsystem.com/EN/Monitoring/1129/TurfPod.

Covermaster TARPMATE AIR Roller

Covermaster won with its “TARPMATE AIR Roller.” For years, grounds crews have been hauling athletic field covers on and off the stadium field by hand. Substantial time and effort is saved by using the TARPMATE AIR Roller handling system. Without air rollers, it can take up to six crew members to unfold each cover, spread it out, and pull it across the field. Using a TARPMATE AIR Roller, two people unfold the tube, inflate it, and then roll out the cover. Removal is also quick and easy. Covers for the entire field can easily be stored on one or two pallets. Learn more at https://www.covermaster.com/TarpMate-Air.

Turf-Tec International Clegg Impact Tester (New Bluetooth Model)

Turf-Tec International’s “Clegg Impact Tester (New Bluetooth Model)” also won the Innovative Award. The Bluetooth readings are displayed on the GPS-enabled tablet, which also includes data logging and mapping. The Clegg Impact Tester is used for testing natural grass fields and synthetic turf athletic fields for player safety and determining the likelihood of players impacting the surface and getting a concussion. This model is the same that is used to test all NFL fields before games, but now has the upgraded GPS mapping ability. Learn more at https://www.turf-tec.com/Clegg.html.

The “Innovative Awards Program” recognizes STMA commercial company members who have developed a product, service, equipment or technology that substantially enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the sports field manager and/or makes the playing surfaces safer and/or more playable for athletes. Chosen by STMA’s Innovative Awards Task Group, entries are evaluated on a wide range of qualities including whether or not they fill a need; are creative; save time and resources; are cutting-edge; make a task easier or more productive; improve quality; protect the environment and improve efficiency.

All four winners will be showcasing their innovations at the 2022 STMA Exhibition. Make sure to visit them at their booths.