Beacon Athletics announces Paul Zwaska’s return to soil sciences

Beacon Athletics announced that Paul Zwaska, the company’s director of education and strategic initiatives, is moving on from his current position at Beacon and is returning to his roots in soil sciences.

Across the country, professionals in the groundskeeper community recognize the countless contributions that Zwaska has made to the industry. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in soil science and turf management and a life-long passion for the field. In 1985, Paul was recruited by the Baltimore Orioles and spent the next 16 years as their Head Groundskeeper.

During his career, Zwaska developed an aspiration to bring the innovations and deep knowledge of field and soil practices he learned at the pro level to organizations across the spectrum of baseball and softball play. This led him to join Beacon Athletics in 2001, where he spent two decades as a key leader of the company. He has been both an inspiration and driving force in the development of an entire range of Beacon signature products. Zwaska also led the development of the online Groundskeeper University, with information and knowledge accessible to every groundskeeper and volunteer team across the U.S.

“Paul was the head groundskeeper for the Baltimore Orioles when we offered him a lead position at Beacon Athletics. We had owned the company for only a few months. This was the biggest and scariest decision we made during the twenty years we owned the company; it was also the best decision we made. Paul brought Beacon immediate credibility in the field maintenance business,” explained Jim Myrland, a former Owner/Managing Partner at Beacon.

Brian Myrland, also a former Owner/Managing Partner at Beacon, added, “Paul eats, sleeps, and breathes ballfield maintenance. He has successfully guided our product development program and established the Beacon seminar series — two elements that came to define Beacon Athletics — and positioned us as a leader in our industry.”

Zwaska will remain with Beacon through the end of 2021. He will then transition to a role at DuraEdge, a company that scientifically engineers field soil for the baseball industry.

Beacon Athletics is looking for someone with comparable experience to fill Zwaska’s role. The ideal candidate will have experience working at programs ranging from city fields to professional-level facilities, and share Zwaska’s passion for technique, innovation, education, and absolute excellence in the science and practice of baseball field maintenance at every level of the game.

“Everyone at Beacon wishes Paul all the best in his new endeavor as he follows his passion for the science of soils. We thank him for all that he has contributed to both the Beacon company and our extended team,” shared Beacon Athletics CEO and Owner, John Maher.