New video to highlight the profession

The STMA Advocacy and Learning Initiatives committees came to the same conclusion in fourth quarter 2020 as it worked to advance its committee charges: STMA needs a video that showcases the profession and highlights the role of the sports field manager.

Appropriate to a wide-reaching audience – employer groups, athletic directors, athletes, students and the public – the STMA video project will include a sports field manager, facility personnel such as an athletic director, and an athlete. These key people will provide compelling reasons why a sports field manager is needed at the facility. Safety of the field surfaces for athletes and stewardship of the environment will be a significant focus. The video will also make the case that the career is a viable and attractive option for students interested in staying involved in sports and/or those who want a career taking care of the environment or specializing in turfgrass management. Other key messages include how highly educated and experienced sports field managers are and the value they bring to any sports facility – no matter the size or level of sports being played there.

STMA’s one-year “bridge” strategic plan for 2021 has the stated goal: Increase the value of STMA to its members by promoting professionalism within our industry and advancing STMA Brand Awareness. The video will help to achieve this goal. 

The video will be short – approximately 3 minutes – and plans are to air it during relevant state association conferences, on their websites and through their other communication vehicles. These industries include parks and recreation state associations, state athletic directors, school business officials, landscape-focused associations, environmental organizations, and career sites. It will be uploaded to STMA’s YouTube channel and shared with STMA’s affiliated chapters and the entire membership. It is recommended that chapters show it during meetings and members use it with their employers and constituents, as well as air it on their video boards during sports events. 

The video will be professionally produced by STMA’s PR firm, Buffalo.Agency, during late spring and early summer. Many state association meetings are scheduled in the fall and winter months, and the STMA Advocacy Committee will be working to get it placed for these events.

Committee members (The Advocacy Committee will be overseeing this project) include:


Chair: Jeremy Driscoll 

Members: Cliff Driver, CSFM; Jesse Driver, CSFM; Alan Dungey, CSFM; Michael Goatley, Ph.D.; Rick Perruzzi, CSFM; Ben Polimer; Joseph Sawyer; and Sheree Scarbrough 

Learning Initiatives

Chair: Alpha Jones, CSFM

Members: James Bergdoll, CSFM; Tim Howe; Kevin Mercer, CSFM; Nick McKenna, CSFM; Marc Moran, CSFM; Jeff Salmond, CSFM; Bri Schneider; Robbie Miller; Turner Revels; Matt Tobin; and Dan Sandor, Ph.D.