Turfco TurnAer XT10

Turfco’s new TurnAer XT10 stand-on aerator

Turfco introduced the new XT10, which now replaces the TurnAer XT8. The XT10 is engineered to continue driving the productivity of riding aerators with upgrades that increase reliability and durability. The new XT10 will keep landscape professionals on top of their games, no matter what type of property – residential, commercial, and sports fields.

With its zero-turn agility, optional 60-pound seeder attachment and unique patent-pending Auto Depth Control tine-setting capacity, the XT10 packs a lot of punch. A 23-hp engine gives it plenty of power for the job, with a top aerating speed of 7 mph and 30-inch aerating width – capable of covering two acres of turf per hour. The optional drop seeder attachment allows operators to increase productivity by up to 50 percent and double profit by doing both by seeding and aerating at the same time.

“Landscape companies need the productivity of stand-on aeration, and we are upgrading the durability to accommodate all types of operators and terrain,” said George Kinkead, president, Turfco Manufacturing. He adds, “Landscape professionals can see triple productivity gains using the XT10 over the traditional walk-behind aerators.”

“We focused on improving the XT10 where It counts most with customers, in areas such as decreased downtime, reliability and product longevity,” said Kinkead. “It’s part of our continuous improvement program.”

The XT10 enhancements include the following:

• Brawnier axles: bigger, 34 percent stronger, and rigorously tested against extreme conditions to provide unsurpassed reliability and durability, while continuing to give the XT10 a zero-turn like handling capability.

• New semi-pneumatic front caster wheels make flat tires a thing of the past.

• The tine wheels are significantly enhanced.

• Upgraded electronic foot-controlled tine switch is easier to clean and maintain than mechanical.                                     

• The XT10 has optimized the weight distribution for better handling and better aeration in a variety of conditions.

The XT10 is engineered to be hassle-free for operators, with unique features such as drive chains located outside the aeration area so that soil and debris will not clog up the system. The Auto Depth Control function adapts automatically to changing ground conditions so that operators can pre-set the depth once and achieve uniform consistency across every job. The 23-hp engine ensures that consistent speed is maintained during aeration.