Traqnology shares Sportstraq GPS line marking case study

We GPS line marked three 11 v 11, two 9 v 9, and six 7 v 7 soccer fields for the start of our spring season. Typically this would take two full days with three staff members to lay out each field, run string lines, and manually paint. Our average paint use has been 5 gallons per field. We are moving to Sportstraq GPS line marking this spring. Traqnology came out Friday afternoon, built all of our fields into the Sportstraq app, and had them marked in 4 hours. We used a total of 12 gallons of paint with a line quality better than our manual machine. We overmark weekly for the entire season, our ROI will be less than two years with labor and paint savings. Not to mention, our staff can now spend more time on other field needs.
– Chirs M, Dubuque Soccer Club