AstroTurf University

AstroTurf launches interactive Virtual Campus to showcase products

AstroTurf Corporation launched the AstroTurf University Virtual Campus. This immersive online experience enables customers to step into AstroTurf’s world and explore the latest innovations in synthetic turf, court surfaces, artificial lawns, and track system technology.

The virtual university was designed to give potential customers a game-day perspective of AstroTurf products. This never-seen-before digital environment is a complete collection of high-quality videos, insightful infographics, and photographs of existing fields and playing surfaces at schools, parks and sports centers across America. It has everything athletic directors, facility managers and other industry professionals require to discover opportunities to update and install surfaces.

But what makes this digital experience remarkable is the range of interactive, lifelike features that take users on a journey through virtual stadiums and indoor and outdoor sports arenas.

“We wanted to give customers something next-level when exploring our products,” says Gary Jones, director of marketing at AstroTurf Corporation. “Whenever you step onto a new turf, you can picture the players, the crowd, the action. It’s powerful stuff. We wanted to bring that concept to the online world so people can get a genuine feel for design options, performance features, new technology, and to be able to envision real-life scenarios for their facility.”

When users enter the AstroTurf University Virtual Campus, they have the option to start at the Visitor Center, which includes a gear shop, a library of useful information for new and existing customers, and the story behind the brand. They can enter the virtual campuses for AstroTurf, Rekortan, Laykold, and SYNLawn anytime.

Each virtual campus offers interactive tools and engaging surprises. For example, click at various points on an AstroTurf field to unlock insights on the RootZone, the Diamond Series, and other cutting-edge products that have helped make sports fields with AstroTurf legendary for decades. There’s also an intuitive configurator tool for users who want to design a custom field and explore different customization options.

Whether visiting the virtual campus for Rekortan indoor and outdoor track surfaces, Laykold sports courts, SYNLawn putting greens, playgrounds, other artificial grass surfaces, football fields, baseball diamonds, and other high-performance turf made by AstroTurf, viewers will leave the experience well-informed and fully inspired. From jumbotrons to overhead blimps for aerial views, no detail was spared in creating this life-like environment.

The AstroTurf University Virtual Campus is set to shift the scope of what’s possible when envisioning, planning, and installing new fields, sports tracks, courts and more. 

Anyone who wants to take a virtual tour through the AstroTurf virtual campuses can visit the official AstroTurf University page at