Hunter PGP-06

New Hunter PGP-06 rotor

Tall grass can block or deflect a rotor’s nozzle stream, which leads to dry, under-watered patches and muddy, overwatered areas.

The new PGP-06 from Hunter Industries solves this problem with a taller pop-up height. At 6 inches, it can clear tall turf and deliver water efficiently without interference.

Featuring a ¾-inch inlet and a wide array of easy-to-install, high-efficiency nozzles, it’s a great system upgrade option with numerous benefits:   

  • Patented automatic arc return feature returns the turret back to the original arc pattern if vandalized. The adjustable arc spans from 50° to 360°.
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism is protected from damage if turned in the opposite direction of travel.
  • Part- and full-circle rotation in one model offers flexibility across landscapes and reduced inventory.
  • Headed and slotted setscrew enables all-radius adjustment with a Hunter wrench or flat-blade screwdriver, making it easy to fine-tune the spray.
  • QuickCheck arc mechanism enables rapid arc adjustment.

The 6-inch pop-up model rounds out the line of PGP Ultra rotors, which also includes the most popular 4-inch model, along with the 12-inch pop-up and shrub models.