Register now for NCS4’s Interscholastic Forum

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi will host the 2021 Interscholastic Athletics and After-School Safety and Security Forum March 9-10 in a live virtual format. The objective of the forum is to address critical safety and security challenges facing interscholastic athletics and after-school activities through case study analysis, small group discussions, and workshop-style sessions.

Confronted with the incredible task of ensuring the safety and security of those involved in high school athletics and after-school programs, high school officials must respond to emerging challenges by integrating and leveraging new resources and information. The environment and threats surrounding sports and activities is constantly evolving, and security concerns facing education prior to COVID-19 have not been eliminated. Discussing current issues and exploring solutions in a forum environment will help high school and athletic administrators, school resource officers, and law enforcement enhance safety and security plans and operations.

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