Aqua-Aid Solutions Excalibur

Aqua-Aid Solutions launches Excalibur

Aqua-Aid Solutions launched Excalibur – powered by a new surfactant technology, Potentiated Hydrophobe Technology (PHT) – to the U.S. market.

“Excalibur is the newest addition to our solutions lineup to help turf managers around the world with their water management within their agronomic programs. Excalibur brings the next generation of soil surfactant technology to the turf manager with the proprietary PHT technology. Powered by PHT technology, Excalibur is a rapid response soil surfactant that delivers rapid infiltration and consistent dry-down providing a valuable tool in moisture management,” said Sam Green, president, Aqua-Aid Solutions

New to the industry, PHT is comprised of a molecule with a strong hydrophobic chain that permits a more powerful affinity to attach to a soil particle surface allowing for supreme infiltration and longevity. 

“Excalibur further enhances our “Dial-In” programs, allowing for turf managers to choose their application rate and timeline to best suit his or her agronomic programs,” said Green. “We strongly feel this new chemistry will allow our distribution partners and end users to develop comprehensive year-round programs utilizing all our unique chemistries in Aqua-Aid Solutions’ lineup to deliver excellent playing conditions with high quality turfgrass in an environmentally friendly manner.”