Toro Groundsmaster 1200

Groundsmaster quality from a pull-behind rotary mower

The Groundsmaster 1200 pull-behind rotary mower lets you take your Toro Outcross 9060, or other compatible tractor, to a new level of production to increase versatility. 

Maintain large areas in less time. The three independent cutting decks on the Groundsmaster 1200 span 12 feet to give you incredible mowing coverage. And since each deck works independently to follow the contour of the ground, you get an even finish throughout the entire width of cut.

The decks are also designed to make turns, turnarounds and transport a breeze. For 180-degree turnarounds, you don’t have to lose productivity by turning off the PTO. Just raise the decks a few inches to prevent scuffing, make your turn, and get right back to mowing. For convenient transport, the wing decks fold up to a narrow 88 inches and the torsion axle cushions the load to minimize bumps for a smoother ride. An added bonus of the fold-up wing decks is that it allows easy access to the underside of the deck for cleaning and blade maintenance.

Even the toughest mowing conditions won’t keep the Groundsmaster 1200 from delivering years of reliable service. The bi-directional impact absorption system protects the mowing deck and frame components by allowing the deck to rotate upon impact if an object is struck. Spindles have heavy-duty shafts and dual tapered roller bearings that last significantly longer than ball bearings. It all adds up to less down time and more productivity.

Easy setup ensures that you’ll get the cut results you want. The height of cut for each deck can be infinitely adjusted from 0.5 to 4 inches, making it simple and quick to get the exact mowing height you desire. For the perfect finish, full-width rollers are positioned on the front and rear of each deck. This setup provides exceptional turf striping while also reducing the potential for scalping on uneven terrain.

The compatibility of the Groundsmaster 1200 with the Outcross 9060 is just the beginning. If you have a tractor with at least 35 hp. PTO, the Groundsmaster 1200 will transform it into a first-class mower.