SFM Buying Intention Survey
The types of renovation and building projects respondents plan to conduct in the coming year.

SportsField Management Buying Intention Survey

To get a feel for types of equipment, products and supplies sports field managers intend to purchase in the coming year, as well as the projects they have planned, SportsField Management magazine recently conducted a Buying Intention Survey. We hope the results will provide you with some insight into what your fellow sports field managers are using, and, as a result, a look at industry trends overall. 

Before you dive into the facts and figures below, just a few quick observations. 

  • 96% of respondents have the authority to buy, specify or approve the purchase of equipment and supplies.
  • 39% are already using (or plan to purchase) battery-powered equipment, which highlights the growth of the battery-powered market and its trend toward commercial-quality performance and runtime.
  • Irrigation is in high demand, with 76% of respondents indicating that they plan to purchase irrigation systems/components, and almost a third (30%) of all respondents indicating that they plan to install a new irrigation system in the next year. 
  • In terms of building/renovation projects, 63% plan to renovate an existing field in the coming year and 13% have new field construction on tap.

Do you recommend, specify or approve the purchase of equipment and supplies?

Yes 96%

No 4%

What equipment do you plan to purchase in the next 12 months? (Check all that apply)

Aerators 17%

Blowers 31%

Dethatchers/verticutters 7%

Edgers 28%

Field groomers 20%

Line markers/stripers 22%

Mowers (riding) 43%

Mowers (walk-behind) 16%

Seeders 8%

Sod cutters 10%

Sprayers 30%

Spreaders 24%

String trimmers 42%

Synthetic turf sweepers 12%

Topdressers 19%

Tractors 20%

Vacuums 10%

UTVs 19%

Do you currently own, or plan to purchase in the next year, any battery- powered equipment?

Yes 39%

No 61%

What other products/supplies do you plan to purchase in the next year? (Check all that apply)

Drag mats 37%

Fertilizer 94%

Field paint/marking materials/stencils 80%

Herbicides/pesticides 80%

Infield mix 69%

Irrigation systems/components 76%

Seed 83%

Soil amendments 63%

Turf covers/blankets 16%

What building and/or renovation projects do you plan to conduct in the next year? (Check all that apply)

Install a new irrigation system 30%

Install a new drainage system 20%

Install new turf (natural) 33%

Install new turf (synthetic) 11%

Renovate an existing field 63%

Build a new field 13%