Polaris GEM

Polaris GEM

Polaris GEM and its dealers have reengineered the customer and rider experience to accommodate the world’s current situation. 

Polaris launched divider kits that enable the operator to minimize direct contact between occupants riding in a GEM. Polaris engineered the kits with clear, marine-grade vinyl for durability and minimal impact on visibility. The dividers separate driver and passenger sides of the vehicle, as well as each passenger row front to back. Installation and removal are straightforward with no special tools required for the sturdy straps and snaps that secure the occupant divider to the vehicle. Occupant divider kits are available for GEM models e2, e4, e6 and eLXD.

Polaris also strengthened its commitment to the community through a grant assistant program geared toward state and local government, and educational customers. https://bit.ly/PolarisGrants


 The Polaris.com/Commercial website continues to be a resource for customers with Find & Compare shopping tools, product specs and Build & Quote virtual shopping for GEM to build new vehicles online. Customers can contact Polaris for service support by filling out a contact us form at https://commercial.polaris.com/en-us/contact-us/, or call 800-239-3627 to speak with a service representative directly.