GreensGroomer GreenZapr
GreensGroomer GreenZapr

GreensGroomer UVC technologies

In the constant battle against the spread of disease, scientists are continually on the hunt for new weapons that specifically target pathogenic microbes in order to contain the spread of diseases. Of utmost importance is disinfection of exposed surfaces, whether for outdoor facilities or surfaces and equipment within institutional settings. 

According to GreensGroomer, an efficient remedy is the use of UVC light. It disinfects by destroying the DNA and RNA of bacteria, eliminating the possibility of reproduction. One use for this technology is the disinfection of synthetic playing surfaces. 

The GreenZapr unit, manufactured by GreensGroomer, is a mobile unit that is simply pulled across the synthetic turf field with a common tow vehicle at a pre-determined rate of speed for maximum effectiveness.  The GreenZapr uses a total of 16 specifically designed UVC lamps, designed to operate at a distance of 2.5 inches from the playing surface. UVC light breaks the molecular bonds within microorganismal DNA, thereby destroying them and rendering them harmless and prohibiting growth and reproduction. It is a process similar to the UV effect of longer wavelengths (UVB) on humans, such as sunburn or sun glare. Microorganisms have less protection from UVC and can’t survive prolonged exposure.


Although the use of UVC for disinfection of synthetic playing surfaces is relatively new, many other industries use this approach for indoor sanitation. Hospitals, sports fitness facilities, nursing homes/assisted living communities, food-service operations, and hotel/resort properties can all make use of this technology. 

These units come in a variety of styles, such as mountable or stand-alone units, handheld wands, or push units. All employ UVC bulbs in order to disinfect the surrounding area. 

GreensGroomer miniZapr
GreensGroomer miniZapr

The miniZapr by GreensGroomer uses two of these approaches and provides great flexibility. The miniZapr has a base unit or floor module that is pushed by the user, as well as a handheld wand built into each unit. Depending on the area to be disinfected, it is available in 18- and 36-inch widths. This makes it possible to have maximum mobility no matter the setting. The base unit is used to disinfect areas such as floors and wrestling mats while the handheld wand is used to disinfect areas such as toilets, countertops and lockers.

In terms of UVC light intensity, eight proprietary high-energy UVC bulbs are employed with powerful reflector modules on the base units. This allows the maximum amount of light to be focused in a given area. The handheld wand uses two high-energy UVC bulbs. The units can be powered by an on-board generator for outdoor use, or through a standard 110v wall outlet (with a 50 foot power cord).

Disinfection and cleaning of public areas are no doubt a complex and time-consuming issue, but keeping the public safe from harmful pathogens is of the utmost importance.