Earth & Turf 65PT

Earth & Turf Model 65PT MultiSpread

Earth & Turf, LLC offers the Model 65PT MultiSpread pull-type topdresser spreader. The Model 65PT is designed to spread a wide variety of materials, including compost, sand, and topdressing blends. The unit is available with two types of tongue – one to fit the drawbars of conventional, 4-wheel compact tractors and one to fit 2-wheel, walk-behind tractors.

The Model 65PT is a ground-drive unit which takes power from the left of its two wheels. This will ensure the overall drive efficiency of the unit. Material is carried toward the front of the machine by means of an apron belt, where it is forced under an adjustable endgate to control the depth of spread. Operation is simple. To begin spreading, adjust the endgate opening using the convenient handle, so that it is open the right width for the spread depth desired. Then, engage the clutch pin on the left side of the machine.

The Earth & Turf Model 65PT capacity is 6.5 cubic feet; spread width is machine width – 30 inches.