Equipment and Technology: Field Groomers

The following is our round-up of field groomers:

Wiedenmann Terra Groom

The Terra Groom (pictured above) is a multi-functional groomer used best on athletic fields to brush in sand and any other top dressing materials to achieve even distribution of infill on surfaces without leaving lines and stripes. It can break down cores, disperse dew and reduce mower maintenance, while promoting healthy grass growth. When used on artificial turf, the Terra Groom raises the artificial turf fibers and levels the surface and/or the infill material. The Terra Groom consists of three rows of special groomers – two straight and one zigzag mounted – all three easily interchangeable. The working width is 74 inches, and is available with a 3-point-hitch mounting frame to attach it to a tractor (or any vehicle above 15 hp.). It can also be fitted with bogey wheels and an electric actuator to be attached to utility vehicles. 

John Deere 1200A field rake

The powerful 13.5-hp. John Deere 1200A field rake maximizes operator comfort and productivity. A 14-inch steering wheel provides easy and responsive steering, while an adjustable high-back seat with spring cushions reduces operator fatigue. Controls are easily accessible at the operator’s right-hand side. The mechanical linkage design offers easy operation of both attachments, and an electrical lift system effortlessly lifts and lowers rear-mounted attachment. Easy-to-use foot controls allow for efficient operation. The mechanical transmission is equipped with a Kanzaki transaxle and a torque converter, resulting in excellent pulling and pushing power. The rear differential design allows for a tight 12-inch turning radius, making the 1200A extremely maneuverable and productive. Speeds are variable in forward and reverse from 0 to 12.6 mph, providing excellent raking quality at reduced ground speeds.

Toro Sand Pro 5040

With an 18-horsepower engine and hydraulic power steering, the Toro Sand Pro 5040 infield groomer offers the perfect combination of precision and power. The Quick Attach System (QAS) for front, mid and rear attachments allows for “under-a-minute” attachment changes. It can be outfitted with 20 productive attachments, including the Flex Blade, which raises and lowers hydraulically. Each attachment was specifically designed to take the operator influence out of the equation for high performance and a consistent surface finish.