Field Paint and Marking Materials

The following is SportsField Management’s Product Round-up regarding Field Paint and Marking Materials:

The Campey Line Marker

The Campey Line Marker (pictured above) is a simple, durable and easy-to-operate liquid transfer line marker. Marking material is transferred from the 30-liter hopper to the 10cm-wide marking wheel by a grooved rubber roller, which allows marking up to post or flag. It has pneumatic tires and an adjustable flow rate giving even and accurate lines. The tubular steel handles can also be adjusted for operator comfort. Many professional sporting clubs in the UK and Europe, such as the Salford Reds, have the line marker. In the United States, sports facilities including the Philadelphia Union Soccer PPL Park stadium and the New York Mets’ Citi Field use it regularly. The Campey Line Marker is even used in Costa Rica at the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto, the home of Liga Deportiva Alajuelense.

Newstripe HashMark-Master 3400

The Newstripe HashMark-Master 3400 is specifically designed to fit the Graco LineLazer 3400 striping machine. The HashMark Master 3400 quickly and easily attaches to the Graco FieldLazer 3400, making it a fast, efficient hash mark painting machine. It eliminates the need for repeated measuring or using stencils and templates that require a two or three man crew. One person can easily paint hash marks up to eight times faster than other methods. Made in the USA.

Pioneer Athletics Game Day Quick Cure

Through years of research and development, Pioneer Athletics created a bulk field marking paint that cures quickly in moist or cool conditions, will not re-wet, and does not adversely affect grass plant health. Sports field managers can now successfully enjoy the benefits of bulk field marking paint in weather conditions that previously made the use of bulk paint unavailable. 

Some key facts about Game Day Quick Cure include the following:

• Specially designed to cure faster and not re-wet.

• A great alternative for locations with regular high humidity or seasonal cool temps and moisture.

• The super-premium quality you expect from Pioneer’s Game Day paint.

• 50/50 dilution (1 part water, 1 part paint) provides best results.

• Works best in fall, winter and spring sports seasons.

• Mixed with a high concentration of super premium pigment and optical brighteners.

• Adheres better to the tips of grass blades (better for grass health).

• Available in standard and custom Game Day colors.

Game Day Quick Cure won the STMA Innovative Award.

TruMark field stencils

TruMark will help you make your vision a reality on the field. TruMark works in a collaborative manner to bring your team’s logo, team name or mascot to life on the field. This includes guidance when converting a printable logo to a paintable one, offering professional mock-ups and a quick turnaround for quotes and production. TruMark will make the right recommendation on style of stencil and plastic used to ensure that you have the most accurate and longest lasting stencil. There are standard options for items such as end zone letters, number sets and hash marks, or TruMark can help design custom options to make your field one of a kind.

World Class Athletic Surfaces 

World Class Athletic Surfaces has been “making the games look better” since 1988 with sharp, vibrant field graphics created with eco-friendly paints and patented custom stencils. The first of its kind, the “World Class Ready-to-Use Paint Tote System” delivers high-quality paint in 275-gallon totes with a built-in mixing blade to effortlessly mix paint, resulting in reduced man hours and brighter, consistent colors. The Paint Tote System saves on shipping costs, eliminates waste, and allows storage of more paint in less space. To reduce waste, World Class Athletic Surfaces will pick up empty totes at no charge to refurbish and reuse them. “Since we’ve come out with the tote system, we’ve taken approximately 15,000 paint buckets out of landfills,” said Greg Narmour, vice president for World Class Athletic Surfaces. This product reduces preparation and paint time, while increasing quality and consistency.