Toro releases new NozzAlert flow monitoring system

Operating Toro Multi Pro Sprayers is even more efficient with the new NozzAlert Flow Monitoring System from Toro. Operators will no longer have to judge spray flow based on visibility. Instead, NozzAlert delivers continuous monitoring and provides both visual and audible alerts if there are any flow disparities.

“The misapplication and subsequent waste of costly chemicals will be greatly reduced for courses using NozzAlert,” said Josh Kravik, Toro product marketing manager. “This easy-to-install accessory brings peace of mind to spray operators by monitoring flow across each individual spray nozzle, alerting the operator to any flow disparities. This solves the age-old concern about not having good visibility to nozzle performance, especially behind the spray tank.”

The precise flow of spray is essential not only for reducing waste, but also for ensuring application efficacy and ideal course conditions. NozzAlert monitors the entire spray boom, all 11 or 12 nozzles, for optimal flow, with each individual nozzle noted on the intuitive color display. Green indicates that the nozzle flow is operating at the correct rate.

If there’s a flow disparity in a nozzle, usually caused by worn, broken, missing, or totally or partially clogged nozzles, NozzAlert notifies the operator through a visual change to yellow or red on the display, as well as an audible alert. The operator can then stop to fix the issue before any potential misapplication can result in damaged turf, costly waste, or diminished application efficacy.

“Accuracy is enhanced, and the risk of causing turf damage due to over- or under-applying sprayable products is greatly reduced,” added Kravik.

NozzAlert installs quickly and is fully compatible with all tri-truss Toro Multi Pro Sprayers produced since 2006. Users can customize the error range settings and the display, such as selecting whether or not to display the flow rate or turning the audible alarm on or off. All NozzAlert system components are chemical and weather resistant for long-lasting performance.