Aquatrols and Redox announce exclusive global turf agreement

Aquatrols and Redox Turf announced a global exclusive strategic agreement that makes Aquatrols the sole distributor of Redox’s premier brand of proven turf products. This will expand the Aquatrols offering beyond the wetting agent space.

Aquatrols and Redox Turf are eager to bring together two of the strongest brands in turf to enhance the resources focused on the Turf Rx line of products. While Aquatrols will become the exclusive distributor, the products that superintendents have come to trust will remain the same.

“Soil moisture management and soil nutrition are intrinsically linked, so joining forces with the most trusted brands in the wetting agent space is a move that seemed natural for our business,” said Redox CEO, Darin Moon. “We are eager to be able to offer turf customers easy access to our products through Aquatrols who will provide global support through their 19-person sales and technical team.”

Currently in his third year as Aquatrols President and CEO, Matthew Foster, said that this agreement is one that will strategically help Aquatrols continue to expand their presence in the global golf market.

“This agreement gives us the ability to offer turf managers the nutritional components of a maintenance program from a trusted brand within the industry, in conjunction with our current water management products. By bringing our areas of expertise together, we will be able to better serve our customers in a way that is more holistic for their course.”

In addition to gaining access to the product line, Aquatrols welcomed Daniel McCann and Barry Bennett, previously with Redox Turf, to the Aquatrols sales team.