October 15 is deadline for STMA awards, scholarships applications

Applications for the STMA Awards Program and the SAFE Scholarship and Grants program are due on Oct. 15.

Submit for a Field of the Year award! Validate your work as an experienced field manager. Awards are given in football, soccer, softball, baseball and sporting grounds (non-mainstream sports) in three categories: professional sports, parks/rec and schools, and colleges/universities. Apply using our streamlined awards software.

Students are encouraged to apply for a SAFE Foundation scholarship or its internship grant. Requirements and the software for the scholarships can be found here and for the internship grant, find the form to apply here.  Be sure to apply for both!

Have a child who is not pursuing a degree in turfgrass management? He or she may be eligible for the Darian Daily Legacy Scholarship. Find out about the requirements here.

The Terry Mellor Grant to fund continuing education for practitioners is also available. Apply today!

Scholarships and grants are made possible by: Turface Athletics, The Toro Foundation, Pioneer Athletics and The SAFE Foundation. The Awards program has funding from Carolina Green Corp., Precision Laboratories and World Class Athletic Services.