GeoSurfaces Southeast completes first IRONTURF installation

GeoSurfaces Southeast, a new subsidiary of GeoSurfaces, Inc., has completed its first woven turf installation at King’s Mountain High School in King’s Mountain, NC.

The high school’s new 90,000 square-foot football field features T-COOL technology, which helps lower the turf’s surface temperature. The field was constructed using IRONTURF, TenCate’s premium woven synthetic turf, which is unmatched for playability, durability and safety (and comes with the toughest fibers in the world).

“As Medallion, we already had a reputation for excellence in the South. Now, as part of the TenCate grass family, we have an expanded network to more easily and efficiently service customers throughout the region,” said Jim Stalford, president of GeoSurfaces Southeast. “We’re proud to install our first IRONTURF field as GeoSurfaces Southeast for King’s Mountain High School, and we know the players will love playing on the highest-quality turf on the market.”

GeoSurfaces’ Southeast division’s installation comes on the heels of the new Northeast division, which, earlier this year, installed IRONTURF at the New England Patriots’ practice venue, Empower Field House.

“The ten-year warranty was a big factor, but at the end of the day, it was the Patriots’ decision that made the choice for us, too,” said David Brinkley, president of the King’s Mountain Touchdown Club, which commissioned the new field. “We want King’s Mountain athletes to have the best field available, so we went with the turf that the six-time national champions practice on.”

Todd Penley, GeoSurfaces Southeast’s vice president of business development, said that customer service was also a big factor in the Club’s decision, especially when a pipe carrying water from a nearby creek (approximately seven feet in diameter) was discovered under the field. The pipe was leaking badly and, while a solvable problem, those repairs could have set back installation substantially. Under GeoSurfaces’ care, though, it only took an additional five weeks.

“Understandably, the Touchdown Club wanted to get the field installed right away. They knew football season was coming up fast,” Penley said. “At GeoSurfaces Southeast, we’re full-service general contractors, and I think our customers realize how important that is when complications like this come up. Sometimes, you’re going to run across unknown factors. If you have a team like GeoSurfaces managing the process from end to end, though, we can easily accommodate those shifts and keep the installation moving.”