STEC Equipment introduces VGR TopChanger to North America

STEC Equipment will be the sole North American Distributor of this product, which is the only tractor-mounted, PTO driven, wet sand injecting machine of its kind.  The VGR TopChanger takes aeration to the next level.

The VGR TopChanger is a tried and true machine that has performed its unique aeration process on some of the most prestigious courses throughout Europe.

How does it work? The TopChanger performs all the actions required to condition the soil in ONE PASS.  The TopChanger aerates the soil with a high-pressure water blast, followed by the injection of wet or dry sand directly into the soil profile.  Lastly, the TopChanger can add beneficial soil amendments or chemicals during the same ONE PASS process.

Finally, STEC Equipment will offer the VGR TopChanger to an open market with no territories or restrictions.

STEC Equipment is proud to continue a tradition of bringing innovative, new products to the North American market.   QUALITY… INNOVATION… DELIVERED