Recruit new STMA members to pay for your Conference

Recruit new members to receive half price memberships and get $50 for each recruited member! Each $50 credit could go toward paying for your Conference registration for the 2020 Conference in West Palm Beach, FL.

A qualifying nonmember receives the prorated dues amount—50 percent off the regular membership rate—and full benefits of national membership. For referring that person, you receive a $50 credit to be used for any STMA service, such as conference registration or renewal fees. And, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Just remind the new member to note your name in the referral box on the printed or online membership application.

New members also receive free registration to the upcoming Conference, as long as they are a current member in January.

Members who have never been a member, or not since the year 2000, who are in the Sports Turf Manager, Academic or Commercial membership categories are eligible for the pro-rated dues and for the complimentary conference registration.