Natural turf field infill

Greenplay Organics is a non-proprietary organic turf infill company that provides infill to all turf suppliers, turf contractors and homeowners to allow the customer the greatest choice of utilizing the best turf options for their needs.

Corkonut, our enhanced Gen II fiber matrix, is a naturally blended coconut and cork infill for turf that enhances overall player safety by providing grass-like turf field temperatures, low abrasion and low G-Max with increased foot stability.

Corkonut turf infill was developed with over a decade of experience in North America. We work directly with select food source farmers to utilize the finest pesticide-free, natural plant-based turf filler components that are uniquely blended in our facility for optimal purity and durability. It is the only organic infill for artificial turf manufactured in-house and distributed direct to the consumer for sports or landscape turf applications. That is how Greenplay artificial grass infill can guarantee to its customers the highest level of comfort, safety and environmental sustainability.

In well over 60 fields in North America, Greenplay artificial turf infill continues to prove itself as the best infill for artificial turf that meets or exceeds the highest levels of player and environmental safety standards. Greenplay synthetic turf infill products are continuously tested to ensure that we offer the safest infill choices of all artificial turf infill options. This is our mandate from the beginning!

Greenplay now offers two infill for artificial grass options to choose from: Corkonut Infill and Pure Cork Infill; 100% organic plant-based material.

Fortified Greenplay organic fiber matrix locks the infill within the turf blades

The cohesiveness of the infill/dual fiber design eliminates fly-out

Natural Color and Texture

Cooler Turf System Temps increase life of Poly Turf Fibers

The safest of any infill by minimizing field surface abrasion

100% recyclable, can be re-purposed on site in the natural environment

Naturally resists mold and fungus

No chemicals, pesticide free, non-allergenic and odor free