John Deere ProGator 2020A and 2030A

The John Deere ProGator 2020A and 2030A utility vehicles were designed to provide sports turf professionals with the versatility and power needed to maintain grounds. The 2020A and 2030A models boast 34 HP and 22.1 HP respectively, and have a max speed of 19.1 mph and bed capacity of 5,400 pounds. The 2020A is equipped with a four-cylinder liquid-cooled gas engine, while the 2030A model featured a three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine, providing customers with a solution regardless of their needs. Both models can be used with the John Deere SelectSpray series sprayers, offering spraying flexibility and control. Additionally, the 2020A and 2030A models can be equipped with a variety of attachments and implements, providing professionals with the tools needed to keep turf pristine, even in the harshest of conditions.