Autonomous robot creator expanding in USA

Intelligent Marking, creator of the first and best-selling autonomous robots for GPS line marking on sports fields, recently expanded its US subsidiary in Georgia with a dozen new sales and support staff.

“We are now positioned to rapidly grow and support our robotic sports turf line marking solution and dominate the US marketplace in 2019 and beyond with this new strategically placed sales force and product support team,” said Jason Aldridge, President, Intelligent Marking USA, Inc. “We’re excited about having an existing customer base, which has already proven their labor improvements and cost savings, in combination with a newly formed sales structure and support staff, all within no more than a 4-hour drive from any prospect in the nation.”

The Intelligent One Robot has become a hot topic since first being introduced to the US market in 2017 by Turf Tank, the Aldridge-led company that experienced 1,200% growth in 2018 and forecasts even higher growth rate in 2019.

What’s new

Intelligent One Robot is now programmed to paint more than 45 different field types or shapes, the most common being American football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, baseball, softball, running tracks and field events.

The robot gives the operator a choice of speed settings up to 2.25 mpg for any field so that professional grade fields with tight cut grass can be painted at a slower speed for perfected, professional lines and more common sports fields can be painted faster speed, in as little as 20 minutes.

You control the robot with the help of a commercial-grade Android tablet enabled with an included data plan at no extra cost that makes it easy to handle all aspects of the autonomous line marking process, upload software updates and receive immediate remote support access. The package comes with two interchangeable, hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries with a capacity 4 hours of operation for each charge.

Intelligent One Robot is powered by two newly designed wheels, individually powered brushless motors that can handle the most perfect professional or uneven surfaces.


The system employs the patented RTK-GNSS system with a localized base station using GPS, GLONASS and COMPASS satellites, which delivers a positioning accuracy of +/- 1cm. The Intelligent One Robot has an interchangeable nozzle throughput configuration, adjustable line width and height as well as screen plates with automatic lifting function to ensure precise and crisp lines. It has certified paint options in any color for natural grass or synthetic turf surfaces. These paints come as a ready to spray or concentrate-based supply; the robot has up to a 6-gallon paint capacity, allowing the operator to mark the equivalent of two full size 11 v 11 soccer fields without changing out the paint container.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the robot is $49,999, and based on prior experience with customers, the return on investment is 12 to 18 months. Companies, organizations and local authorities can also choose to rent the robot solution for less than $899 per month.

Users say . . .

“Every year new tools and products come to the sports turf market that bring incremental benefits and improvements in turf quality and field management. Seldom do we see game changing solutions to old problems. However, the Intelligent One Robot is one such game-changer, which I believe will revolutionize sports field management and pave the way for additional automated technology in this industry.” – Brian Boesch, manager, turfgrass and athletic grounds, University of Rhode Island

“Game presentation is one of the most important features of a game day experience for a fan, and the addition of Turf Tank offers our league access to cutting-edge technology that will ensure its field markings are looking sharp for every game of the season. We are looking forward to the extent of capabilities and solutions that come from this partnership and are thrilled to bring on a company that can positively impact the way our clubs are perceived by fans both at venues or watching the league’s broadcasts.” Jake Edwards, president, United Soccer League

“Raymond James Stadium got ‘#TurfTanked’ the first time today for the Team USA soccer match. This is the coolest robot ever. Every sports field manager should have one!” – Wayne Ward, turf and grounds manager at Tampa Sports Authority

“The Turf Tank Intelligent One Robot will change the sports field line marking industry forever. Our two purchased robots allow our sports turf crews to finish their regular assignments and special projects that we would not be able to complete in the past during the same time period. We believe this is the future of our industry and recommend the robot without hesitation.” – Geoff Sanders, sports turf manager, Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation

“With limited time, increasing workloads and the growing number of sports fields at Gillette Stadium, Turf Tank’s Intelligent One Robot has built measurable efficiencies into our overall turf management operations.” – Jason Stone, senior director of operations, Kraft Sports and Entertainment

“In higher education we are constantly asked to do more with less. An emphasis on growing efficiencies while leveraging enterprise services to drive institutional strategy is paramount. Turf Tank’s Intelligent One Robot is our response to this call-to-action!” – Aaron Hobson, associate director, recreational sports, University of Florida