Solu-Cal USA and Spring Valley Fertilizer announce alliance

Solu-Cal USA, supplier of Enhanced Calcium products, and Spring Valley Fertilizer Company of Jackson, WI have announced a marketing and production alliance. Spring Valley will produce Solu-Cal branded products at their multiple production locations, and market the products to their customer base and new customers in the Mid- West.

Craig Canning, President of Solu-Cal USA said, “We are thrilled to build this partnership with Spring Valley. Their strong management, production, and sales teams will help grow the Solu-Cal brand in the Midwest. This allows Solu-Cal and Spring Valley products to travel on the same truck, serving customers with access to both product lines efficiently and helps them manage their inventory turns in a cost-effective way.”

Bill Vogel, CEO of Spring Valley stated, “Solu-Cal has built a well-regarded and unique group of products over last 20 years and is the best-known Enhanced Calcium supplier in the industry. This marketing alliance helps us serve our customers even more efficiently, and gives them better access to Solu-Cal’s unique product mix.”

Solu-Cal is the premier brand in the U.S. for enhanced lime and gypsum products. Solu-Cal products are formulated with INTENSIFY Microbial BioCatalyst, which supplies and stimulates the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil. These microbes enhance the plant’s ability to convert vital nutrients into an available form for plant uptake and soil pH adjustment.

Solu-Cal products are industry proven with over 20 years of use in the professional turf market, and have been successfully trialed at numerous universities specializing in turf science including Penn State and University of Rhode Island.

Spring Valley is a premium supplier of Fertilizer and control products in the Mid- West and Mid- Atlantic regions, as well as internationally. Plants in Jackson, WI, Fostoria, OH, and Reading PA ensure deep strong distribution channels in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.