Turfco introduces large area topdresser

Turfco takes the guesswork out of topdressing – while providing unprecedented productivity – with its new CR-15 large area topdresser and material handler. Designed to be a multi-purpose workhorse, the CR-15 gives turf managers access to precision spread application controls for large-area turf management jobs.

Turfco equips the CR-15 with a digital smart controller that gives turf managers the ability to calculate their preferred rates and then lock-in rates and widths into four savable pre-sets. They can set up and save all of their applications at the same time, to get the perfect topdressing program every time. For efficiency while in use, the equipment operator can switch between the various pre-sets on the fly, varying the spread rate and width for different areas, for example. This allows the operator to move from wide to narrower areas and still maintain the same application rate — improving productivity without wasting material.

The edge-to-edge spread capability of the CR-15 allows operators to lay down their spreads evenly and with pinpoint accuracy as they move over the turf. The CR-15’s advanced hydraulics and spinner design allow for uniform application, with edge-to-edge spreads at any desired width and rate within a 15 to 45 foot range — perfect for fairway topdressing programs or sports field applications.

On turf areas that require heavier applications because of drainage issues or high traffic, the CR-15 smart controller can also allow operators to increase the spread rate as needed, all at the push of a button and totally on the fly. It applies to areas with variable soil profiles as well as others like ball landing zones.

The CR-15 can even assist in determining their topdressing program budget, eliminating the guesswork. Simply input the estimated square footage of the area to be topdressed and desired application rate into the smart controller. The controller will calculate how much material is needed to do the job – helping budget for an entire season.

Backed by Turfco’s industry-leading 3-year warranty (and that includes the digital controller), the CR-15 doubles as an all-purpose construction and turf renovation machine. When operated as a loader, the CR-15 can quickly load other topdressers, turf vehicles and spreaders or move material quickly around the golf course. Using available attachments, the CR-15 can be used to load and unload materials during course renovation, remediation and new construction work. The galvanized, self-cleaning hopper accepts virtually any wet or dry turf material, including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood chips, soil conditioners and grass clippings.

For even greater versatility, the CR-15 employs a “Fast Attach” system that requires no tools when connecting attachments.