WatchDog Wireless Rain+Temp Station

Spectrum Technologies, Inc., brings wireless sensor technology to its customers with the WatchDog Wireless Rain+Temp Station. Real-time, site-specific data provides accurate rainfall and temperature data in order to create consistent playing conditions. Current weather conditions are viewed on the cloud or Smartphone.

Rain events can have a significant impact on irrigation scheduling and turf management. It rained last night. Where and how much did it rain? How will this alter my irrigation schedules? Site-specific rainfall and temperature data is useful for tracking turf disease and insect pressure. Placing a WatchDog Wireless Rain+Temp Station in multiple microclimates can result in more effective decisions.

“With the wireless Rain+Temp station, you no longer have to rely on the local weatherman’s rain data or weather services providing inaccurate rainfall data,” says Mike Thurow, President and CEO. “Rainfall amounts can vary significantly in each microclimate. With site-specific rainfall and temperature data through the season, more effective decisions are made, and playing conditions are optimized.