New soccer goal anchoring system

Kwik Anchors has invented state-of-the-art soccer goal anchoring systems; easy to install and good for natural grass or synthetic fields. Why take a chance that your system works like sand bags or short nails or rusted anchors that have been installed years ago and you think they are safe! Keep your Soccer Players SAFE with our goal anchoring system.

Kwik Anchors do not change the playing field characteristics. They stay in place even when the goals are on or off the field. They become part of the synthetic or natural grass field. An integral padded cushion top allows play when goals are stowed for other uses. The included rugged steel wire cable may also be used with the padlock to secure the goals to fences or other immovables during maintenance periods or stored during off-season.

Kwik Anchor has been extensively tested by Labosport, a certified testing laboratory, which is recognized by FIFA and has achieved a Gmax impact rating of 125 with our integrated padded cushion top. Our anchoring system is patent pending and designed for anchoring movable and stable goals for soccer and also other uses.