Smithco groomers make fields safer

Over the past 20 years, the need to make fields safer has taken on new meaning.

This concern is being driven by the increase in injuries, peer pressure, aesthetics and liability.

Safer infields have become a top priority at Smithco, too. Our Groomers help make base paths and warning tracks consistently smooth, level and attractive while providing surfaces with enough give to help prevent injuries from falls, slides or even bad hops.

And there’s a good reason we promise this. Unlike other groomers, ours have center-mounted scarifiers.

That’s important. It’s where most of the machine’s weight is available to help dig into hard surfaces and provide a smoother surface.

  • 5 models in 2- or 3-wheel drive, 16 or 18 hp gas engines
  • 18 hp diesel engine, hydraulic or mechanical steering
  • Better traction and increased transport speed
  • Hydraulic control of implements
  • Flex action finisher – smooths and levels infields whether wet or dry
  • Spring Tine Scarifier chews into surfaces but skims over base spikes or pockets
  • Over 25 different implements