Turfsmith apparel brings awareness to turf pros

Todd Owen, known to all as “Teeter,” has founded an apparel brand aimed at turf professionals called “Turfsmith.” Here are some details from Teeter:

“I have worked in the front office of a Major League Baseball team, worked in the college division at CBSSports and am the founder of three companies. I am an avid sports participant, coach and spectator with a deep appreciation for the people that make the games operate efficiently and leagues and businesses thrive.

“Turfsmith is an apparel brand. Currently we have two hoodie designs, one with 11 color options and one with seven color options in sizes from Small to 5XL, eight different embroidered hat options ranging from trucker hats to beanies. The hats and hoodies are our best sellers so far. We also have a variety of short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts with unique and custom designs only available at turfsmith.com. This is just our first collection with many more items and designs planned for 2019.

“We have accounts with Twitter (@TURFSMITH), Instagram (@turfsmith_brand), and Facebook (@turfsmithbrand) to engage and grow the audience, help get the word out and offer occasional discounts and promotions. Central operations are located in Naperville, IL but my family and I represent (have lived in and frequently travel to) California, Florida, and Indiana.

“Turfsmith.com officially went live September 12, 2018. Designs, planning, online store development was in the works for approximately 8 months prior to launching.

While building a software platform in the turf industry for the past couple of years, l recognized a need to help grow the profession that the software will be serving. Being an avid participant, I wanted to try and help bring awareness to the people that are in large part responsible for the enjoyment of golfers being on the course, mine and other kids playing soccer and baseball on well-kept and safe fields, landscapers keeping our parks and vacation destinations looking beautiful, as well as farmers providing safe and healthy food for all of us. In the turf industry there are a lot of open positions and not enough people to fill them. Utilizing my deep interest in art an design, my hope is that the Turfsmith brand can contribute to attracting students to take an interest in the profession and keep the current professionals proud of what they do so they continue their work throughout their careers.

“Through Turfsmith, there is an opportunity for turf professionals as well as professional athletes to show their appreciation for the groundsmen and women by purchasing and wearing the brand to show their sense of community. Additionally, a portion of profits from every Turfsmith item sold will be donated to causes that support the profession. The amounts are small now but can have an impact as the Turfsmith brand grows. Currently Turfsmith does not choose the cause; customers choose where they want the donation to go from their purchase. A couple examples of causes customers have selected so far are Wee One Foundation and STMA. We will consistently release new apparel designs along with new items based on the feedback we receive from customers. We have talented designers and access to a wide range of apparel items and branded accessories to support the growth of the Turfsmith brand as awareness increases.”