DuraEdge introducing new line of calcined clay conditioners

DuraEdge Products Inc. announces its brand new line of calcined clay conditioners after months after designing, producing, and testing the four unique gradations that are included in the line.

In an effort to provide the best solution to the customer in conjunction with recommending best practices, DuraEdge sought to provide conditioners that were unique to the industry. To create a standout line in both uniqueness and usability, the folks at DuraEdge focused the design and development around four key goals.

The first being increased durability, one of the most important factors to the team. Durability reduces contamination, cuts down the amount of calcined clay that’s needed over time, and allows for the product to go further, spreading product out longer. DuraEdge was able to create the most durable calcined clay on the market.

The second goal was less migration. Walking in the footsteps of DuraEdge’s ProSlide expanded shale line, they were able to create a denser calcined particle that reduces migration from wind and rain meaning less product in your lips and edges, as well as a longer lasting product.

Next was reduction in fines and dust. When emptying your typical bag of calcined clay, it’s very likely you will see some dust. Dust and fine particles can compromise the integrity of your infield. DuraEdge worked hard to reduce the fines and very fines, creating a cleaner product with less dust.

Lastly was the goal of adequate absorption. With the first three goals being top priority, the DuraEdge team certainly didn’t want to undermine the importance of absorption. That being said, the line was crafted to still have plenty of absorption capability. DuraEdge will also be able to predict absorption rate based on weather, time of year, and number of fields creating custom recommendations for mixing calcined clay with expanded shale.

“This is the last missing piece to the puzzle which is going to complement our DuraEdge profile. We can now provide anything you can possibly think of for your baseball and softball infield skin surface needs, making us a one-stop-shop,” said Luke Yoder, Senior VP of Business Development at DuraEdge Products.

The new line includes four different calcined clay products:

Fair Ball High Density Infield Conditioner which is engineered to stay in place, provide more coverage, and provide less particle breakdown, equating to less applications than any other calcined on the market. This product is designed to last longer and go further, making it extremely economical. The volume of recommended product per infield is also greatly reduced from industry standards, providing the end-user opportunities to apply Fair Ball on more fields.

ProSlide Professional Infield Conditioner is engineered to present a professional appearance and provide less migration due to a higher density particle. The reduction of fines in the screening process provides a more even coverage and less contamination. Greater hardness also reduces breakdown that results in a longer lasting particle that stays on top.

ProSlide Platinum Infield Conditioner is engineered to be the most consistent medium gradation particle size conditioner. Like ProSlide Professional, Platinum provides a more even coverage and less contamination due to the reduced amount of fines and smaller particles.

ProDry Infield Conditioner is engineered to quickly remove standing water. As a result of the screening process, which removes very fine particles and dust, this product can be dragged in the following day without compromising the integrity of your infield skin. ProDry is not simply the gathered spoils of other materials. In addition to water removal, the gradation also provides opportunity for applications to highly visible skinned areas to display a very clean, finely manicured appearance without creating a layering effect.

DuraEdge has designed these products to sit specifically on the surface to compliment DuraEdge infields, and tilling into the profile is not recommended.

This new line of calcined clay conditioners from DuraEdge Products will be available coming 2019. Additional products will also be releasing in January of 2019, stay tuned!