SubAir offers financing options for sports turf

SubAir Systems, LLC announced a new 100% project financing opportunity for its sports turf clients. Through a partnership with PNC Equipment Finance, SubAir clients can now receive payment solutions, customized to meet budget objectives, with 24 to 60-month terms available on capital or operating leases for its SubAir Systems and TurfBreeze fans.

The new program is available to all qualified SubAir customers, including public, private, and non-profit organizations. PNC reserves the right to approve financing at its sole discretion.

“This program allows turf managers to conserve cash for other needs,” said Jay Penney, President, SubAir Systems. “Soft costs such as destination charges, taxes, and other fees can be included in the financed amount to get systems into the ground more quickly and address turf needs in a more expeditious fashion.”

SubAir Systems is the leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of subsurface aeration and moisture management systems that moderate and control subsoil environmental conditions. Benefiting all types of grasses in most climates, SubAir Systems support the overall health of the turf, virtually eliminating diseases while maintaining the continuous, consistent growth of deep-rooted, resilient, healthy green grass. These systems also reduce the need for re-sodding.

TurfBreeze Fans reduce heat stress on natural turf and can increase grass transpiration, cooling the plant internally and keeping it healthier overall.

For decades, sports turf managers unwilling to let Mother Nature play havoc with their turf conditions have turned to SubAir Systems and TurfBreeze Fans to provide aeration, moisture removal, and root zone temperature operations that allow the creation of optimal growing environments.

PNC Equipment Finance is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., with assets of more than $366 billion.

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