WeatherCall Enterprise service uses NWS warnings

WeatherCall Enterprise uses the new, highly specific National Weather Service (NWS) Storm-Based Warnings. The service matches up the location of your facility with the actual warning area virtually eliminating false warnings caused by decades-old and now obsolete county-wide warnings.
Every business has a different need when it comes to its severe weather emergency plan. A large manufacturing facility or office complex with many hundreds of employees will have a longer warning lead-time requirement than a small childcare facility or restaurant.

WeatherCall Enterprise allows you to define a “Protective Zone” around your facility based on how much time it takes to best secure your facility in the event of a dangerous storm. This site has a 5 mile “Protective Zone” around its facility. A NWS TORNADO WARNING has intersected the zone causing a WeatherCall Enterprise notification to be issued. In this case, it may not be necessary to shut down operations because the severe weather event is passing to the NW of its site.

WeatherCall Enterprise delivers the initial warning message to any type of telephone and simultaneously sends an email containing a graphical depiction of the warning area, protective zone, and site location plus the local NWS Doppler radar running an animation so storm movement and direction can be quickly assessed. WeatherCall Enterprise sends an “ALL CLEAR” notification when the warning is no longer in effect.

WeatherCall Enterprise is an extremely affordable weather risk management service that rapidly delivers critical decision-making information based on the client’s individual needs.