Turface Athletics launches SlideMaster infield topdressing

Turface Athletics has introduced its newest product, Turface SlideMaster, a premier infield topdressing that plays a crucial role in improving sliding surfaces on skinned infields, and water management especially in dry conditions.

“We are proud to offer industry-leading products to make maintenance easier for field managers,” said Jeff Langner, business manager for Turface Athletics. “SlideMaster has been researched, developed and tested in the lab and on the field to meet the demands of today’s groundskeepers and coaches.”

SlideMaster is durable, long lasting, and offers the cleanest, most uniform particle screening of any vitrified clay or shale product. Sub-angular particles create the ultimate sliding surface with less abrasion. The all-natural reddish color blends well with Turface Pro League Heritage Red and Pro League Champion Brown calcined clays, and will not stain uniforms. SlideMaster particles are designed to allow water to quickly penetrate into the infield skin for deeper saturation, and can be combined with Turface calcined clay for optimum moisture management at the surface and in an infield mix

Available today through a nationwide network of Turface distributors, SlideMaster is available in 50-pound plastic bags (about 1.4 cubic-feet) or in 2000-pound bulk sacks upon request. To learn more about SlideMaster from Turface Athletics, visit Turface.com/SlideMaster.