Toro introduces web-based asset management system

Toro launches myTurf Pro, a completely revamped web-based asset management system for turf maintenance. The system is based on four key principles: connect, manage, maintain and simplify. The myTurf Pro system leverages over 10 years of experience in industry-leading fleet management and takes it to the next level, enabling optimized asset management for equipment, attachments, irrigation and other assets. myTurf Pro seamlessly connects and manages assets, regardless of brand. The “at a glance” dashboard keeps management informed of maintenance requirements and operational status. Detailed historical maintenance records provide valuable information on total cost of ownership and asset performance, while demonstrating operational excellence. Additionally, the system allows technicians to automate processes with proactive maintenance notifications, and the industry’s first equipment connectivity tool – Toro wireless hour meters, to automatically track operating hours. It also offers quick access to service documentation, manages maintenance assignments and tracks completed tasks within the myTurf Pro system.
New features of myTurf Pro include fuel tracking and managing maintenance down to individual cutting units, while upgrading features like 24/7 online parts ordering. Unique to myTurf Pro, the system can now make parts order recommendations based on the user’s current inventory and maintenance needs.
For Toro products, the system provides model/serial number-specific interactive master parts viewers, up-to-date reference materials and the ability to submit service requests to a Toro distributor.
“This is an incredibly valuable tool for managing assets, scheduling technicians and tracking overall cost of operation, as opposed to just cost of ownership,” said Brian Ries, senior manager, data technologies at Toro. “With these advanced tools and diagnostics, superintendents can make more efficient and informed decisions regarding their assets, contributing to the overall longevity of their fleets and irrigation systems. It is all about connecting assets, managing and tracking maintenance and repairs, and simplifying their day-to-day processes.”
The innovative myTurf Pro system is backed by the best technical support team in the industry, Toro NSN. The myTurf Pro system will be available in early 2018. For more information on myTurf Pro, please visit the website.