Triple-Play infield groomer

The simple but rugged design of the TurfTime Triple-Play infield groomer makes it one of the most efficient tools for grooming infields. Keep your maintenance team happy and player’s safe with this great infield groomer. Easily and quickly remove debris, uproot invading grass, scarify, groom and level the infield for consistently safer play. Replace crude drag mats, bedsprings or other floating drag devises. Our Triple-Play groomer will loosen, level, smooth, and broom finish your infield for secure footing and ball bounce players expect at a very competitive price. The Triple-Play infield Groomer is designed to shave down high spots while filling in the low spots. Available in 60 and 78 inch 3-point units and 60-inch tow-behind or combo. Tow-behind unit available with manual or electric wheel kit.

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