Act Global partners with Team America and LT Academy

Team America and the LaDainian Tomlinson Academy announced a partnership with Act Global, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic turf, whereby Act Global will endow college scholarships for LT Academy top performers in Texas and California. Additionally, Act Global will fund the implementation of LT Academy’s Character Education Performance programs for one year within every school district and university in Texas and California that implements its turf. Part of his Team America platform, the Character Education Performance program was founded and developed by former NFL running back and recent Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee LaDainian Tomlinson.

The program is based on Marine Corps leadership development and established by LT’s team of cognitive neuroscientists, coaches, instructors, and alumni of the program. Through LT’s trainers comprised of former and retired Marine Drill Instructors, the program is implemented year-round within high schools and colleges to help develop the complete student-athlete.

“We have seen amazing results on and off the field from those student-athletes who have completed the program and this new partnership allows us to develop the best of mankind in school districts and new regions of the country,” said Tomlinson. “Through the college scholarships this partnership helps us provide, we are creating new opportunities for individuals to be successful far beyond college. Act Global’s contribution will have an ongoing positive imprint on these talented athletes for the rest of their lives.”

“We are honored to contribute to such an impactful organization, and to have the opportunity to be a part of the program’s continued success in building the complete student-athlete,” said Act Global CEO John Baize. “Team America and LT Academy already have a strong reputation for helping players achieve success and we could not be more excited to be a part of that. We share the program’s passion for student-athletes and the belief that training goes far beyond the playing field.”

Team America is Tomlinson’s platform of four distinct initiatives for programs of inclusiveness to lead our nation to a new standard of tolerance and opportunity for all citizens.

“Act Global proved to us early that it uses its platform and products to help bring about change to our communities,” Tomlinson added. “Act Global’s focus not only on the health and safety of our student-athletes but also their development as leaders for our future sets the standard for corporate responsibility in my view.”

With the shared values of character, leadership, service, and encouraging student-athletes to dream, Act Global and Team America have developed a strong partnership that will positively impact student-athletes and the athletic community.

For more information on LT Academy and Tomlinson’s All-American Honors initiative, please visit www.LT.Academy or