Matrax expands turf protection system capabilities

Matrax Inc., the industry leader in heavy duty, “closed-back” drivable turf protection is proud to introduce the Matrax 4×4 LD (light duty) pedestrian grade turf preservation panel.

Similar to its 4×4 HD (heavy duty) counterpart, the Matrax 4×4 LD utilizes a vertical pre-installed cam system with 4- inch overlapping flanges to interlock individual panels to one another, creating a rigid, contiguous surface that is lightweight and free from trip hazards. At30.5lbs.perpanel, its“open-back”geometry,combinedwithitsuniqueair hole “breathable” design provides a preservation solution that Turf Managers around the country have been seeking.

In addition, four (4) panels can remain locked together thereby increasing the critically important speed of installation and removal. The LD and HD panels are uniform in height and can be locked to one another in any combination, requiring no special transition pieces or extraneous joints. The fully integrated and seamless Matrax LD and HD system a venue operators, entertainment companies, music industry professionals, and tent and event catering companies with complete flexibility and extreme versatility without compromising or sacrificing field performance.

In a world where “fan experience” is paramount, Matrax recognizes that its product offerings must afford sports complexes and outdoor venues complete flexibility when covering their fields for the purpose of hosting financially lucrative outdoor concerts, festivals, hockey games, ski jumping (Big Air at Fenway Park), commencements, and other non-sporting on-field events.

Matrax 4×4 LD Features:

  •   Translucent composition promotes photosynthesis
  •   Vertical locking system with reinforced structural ribbing
  •   Virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  •   Aeration holes to allow additional light, oxygen, and water drainage
  •   100% pedestrian friendly & ADA compliant
  •   30 lbs. per panel – pre-installed nylon cam locking system
  •   16,000 SF per truckload
  •   100% recyclable
  •   Made in the USA