Send in your submission to the STMA Innovative Awards

As a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement, STMA’s Innovative Awards Task Group developed a program to recognize STMA commercial member companies that improve the sports turf management profession. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your ideas!

What is it:
The Innovative Awards Program recognizes those commercial company members that have developed a product, service, equipment or technology that substantially enhances the effectiveness of the Sports Turf Manager. The innovation could also make the playing surfaces safer and more playable for the athletes.


  • Must be a Commercial Member and exhibiting at the upcoming STMA Annual Conference and Exhibition
    • Allowed to submit one entry annually
    • Company must display the innovation in its booth
    • Have introduced innovation for sale within a two-year period
    • Should substantially enhance the effectiveness of the sports turf manager and/or make the surfaces safer and more playable for athletes


Winner(s) will be kept confidential until announced during the first day of the STMA Trade Show. Winner(s) will be able to use the special innovative award logo in their promotion of the winning product, service, technology or equipment and will receive an award to display. STMA will publicize the winners through its communication vehicles, STMA press releases, signage at the conference and with special recognition during the Annual Awards Banquet.

How to apply:
Click here to download the Innovative Awards Form. Submittals must be received electronically by October 15.