The Bullet, a new Verti-Drain

Introducing ‘The Bullet’ by Redexim North America. This new Verti-Drain has working speeds near 4 mph for the highest performance in its field.

The Bullet has working widths of 64 and 83 inches and is the most productive Verti-Drain ever built. It is heavier built than other high-speed aerators, yet it can be used with tractors starting from 45 hp and up.

Both models are low maintenance with sealed bearings on most pivot points, a single-speed gearbox and optional hydraulic depth adjustments made from the tractor seat. These units penetrate 9 inches into the soil, and our patented parallelogram action give you a true forced heave to the tines, thus producing the shattering effect and relieving compaction leaving the surface ready for play. NO PARALLELOGRAM – NO FORCED HEAVE.

Redexim North America