Infill products from Target Technologies Intl

Synthetic Turf Infill Sand. With well over 40 years of trusted performance: TTII is a supplier of top-quality synthetic turf infill sand for the sports field, commercial and/or residential markets. Our sands are specifically designed and blended to promote superior achievement on artificial/synthetic turf applications.

As a silica sand producer and distributor – buying and supplying infill sand worldwide, we have formed strategic alliances with many quality silica sand producers.

We specialize in North American and Caribbean synthetic sports turf infill applications as well as Mexico & Central America.

Our sands are a truly natural, recyclable synthetic turf infill. Mother Nature’s own – direct from the earth.

PFC PROFORMANCE CORK INFILL. This unique, stand-alone cork, available exclusively through TTII or Greenplay is a high-durability, high-performance cork that has been successfully utilized in hot, cold and wet climates across Europe and North America.  Cork does not absorb water so dries very quickly after heavy rains.

PFC Proformance Cork is truly organic and naturally processed to ensure the purest and most environmentally sound turf infill that will enhance any turf specification and make it more compatible with nature. PFC Proformance Cork is non-flammable, resilient and less abrasive than synthetic infills while 100% recyclable. A good portion can be re-purposed into a replacement field at end of life or into the natural surroundings with no negative environmental impact.

TTII TRU-PLAY 57 COLORED EPDM INFILL is available in green and tan, has a long-term color stabilization package that ensures constant color fastness throughout the entire granule.

The under-water extrusion process produces a semi-ovoid shape achieving higher product durability over the life of the field resulting from better compression set, longer elasticity and minimal loss of infill due to wear.  The special shape and specific gravity of 1.45 to 1.60 reduces the fly zone and will not allow particle floatation in heavy rains.  It excels in hot weather too – our EPDM will not agglomerate at a temperature of 239° F.

TTII TRU-PLAY 57 COLORED EPDM INFILL is manufactured in a North American ISO certified plant with the strictest quality control guidelines.

Our EPDM meets Prop 65 and the EN71-3 European Toy Test affirming its safety to the environment and for all who play on it.

TTII offers an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty and offer a 100% recycling program after the life cycle of the field.