Valley introduces new high-pressure plunger pump

Valley Industries is pleased to introduce its new Everflo 12 volt high-pressure plunger pump, the EFHP2000. Developed with high performance in mind, the EFHP 2000 plunger pump features multiple Quick-Connect ports that provides the necessary flow for a spray gun, boom and other sprayer accessories. Reaching up to 2gpm and 200 PSI, the Everflo EFHP2000 provides high-performance to spray longer distances or atomized droplets for misting applications.

“We currently provide a good assortment of diaphragm pumps under the Everflo brand, but we felt it was crucial to provide the market a pump that could tackle projects that required a little more pressure and flow”, says Dan Savage, Director of Sales & Marketing for Valley Industries.

The EFHP2000 high-pressure plunger pump features Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragm for increased durability and efficiency. Automatic shut off when no flow is required, conserving battery life. Extremely smooth ceramic coating for increased seal life longevity. Finally, Round-Up ready and packaged with a handful of fittings to fit desired needs.

Everflo, A brand of Valley Industries, manufactures a full line of universal diaphragm pumps and accessories in Paynesville MN. For more information on Everflo pumps or Valley Industries, visit or call 800-864-1649.