g2 turftools new mini turfroller for sprigging, seeding

At the recent Sports Turf Managers Association Show, g2 turftools, inc. debuted their newest piece of equipment, the mini turfroller. The mini turfroller is a 3 point hitch version of g2 turftools turfroller with rounded edges that also incorporates g2 turftools patented turfslicer. With the turfslicer attachment, the mini turfroller makes planting sprigs, setting seed, and top dressing more efficient. The unique slicing action of the turfslicer blades also penetrates the thatch area to provide much needed air space while replanting existing stolons to promote a healthier, thicker turf. The turfslicer is fully adjustable to a depth of 1.5″ for maximum slicing of turf, sprigs, or seed. When not using the turfslicer, the turfroller can be used to smooth existing turf surfaces with the maneuverability of a 3 point hitch attachment. You can now easily improve rolling production without the compaction problems most heavy asphalt rollers cause to the underlying soil. Rolling has become a basic turf management practice to smooth the surface and place disturbed turf back in contact with the soil.

The mini turfroller is now available for sale. Please contact sales@g2turftools.com for more information.

About g2 turftools, inc.

g2 turftools is a company dedicated to providing precision turf equipment for sports fields and golf courses. Its mission is to provide experienced quality turf managers with high quality products that make their jobs more cost effective and help them establish a new level of playability and aesthetically beautiful turf. The line of equipment includes the turffloat, turfslicer, turfroller, turfrack, and the turfplaner. Hand built in the USA, its products are sold directly by g2 turftools, inc.

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