Cushman case study: AT&T Stadium

Scott Woodrow, director of engineering at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX wakes up every morning to a variety of challenging tasks. It’s his job to keep the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems in the massive stadium operating smoothly. It’s no wonder that Woodrow turns to his fleet of 45 Cushman vehicles to get work done quickly and provide reliable transportation for the thousands of visitors who enter AT&T Stadium every day.

Built in 2009 as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the city-owned facility is the third-largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity. Including standing room, it can hold up to 105,000 people. The site spans more than 3 million square feet. While its main use is as a pro football facility, the stadium also hosts concerts, college and high school football tournaments, basketball games, soccer matches, motocross sports, corporate parties and public tours.
“Every year, we have a stretch where we’re hosting events of at least 20,000 attendees every weekend, for 16 straight weeks in a row,” said Woodrow.

Because the facility has so many large events, Woodrow puts a lot of work into making sure every aspect of the stadium is in tip-top shape. About 15 full-time employees and up to 50 contractors manage the day-to-day maintenance and repair tasks under Woodrow’s oversight.

“Every day, we’re busy doing preventative maintenance and repairs on every system in the stadium,” Woodrow said. “And, we always have a lot of upgrade projects going on.”

One of Woodrow’s biggest challenges is transporting workers across the vast 73-acre facility. Woodrow relies on two, electric Cushman Hauler® 800X vehicles to move employees and supplies throughout the stadium. With seating for two and a payload capacity of up to 800 pounds, the Cushman Hauler 800X gives Woodrow the versatility his crew needs to tackle any maintenance job.

Woodrow’s fleet also includes seven gas-powered Cushman Hauler 800Xs and four heavy-duty Cushman 4X4 vehicles with dump beds for moving materials around the expansive site. An additional six Cushman ShuttleTM 2 vehicles, outfitted with flatbeds, are used to move personnel and up to 1,200 pounds of supplies. With many repair jobs in progress concurrently, Woodrow uses the vehicles to haul tools and slabs of Masonite hardboard or plywood. They can also effectively haul large, heavy equipment such as speaker systems, compressors and generators throughout the stadium without damaging its field turf.
“We do a lot of events on our field and we have to move around heavy speaker systems and add staging,” Woodrow said. “The Cushman Shuttle 2 vehicles are heavy-duty and capable of hauling large loads—but they don’t damage the field thanks to their pneumatic tires.”

Another benefit of Woodrow’s electric Haulers and Shuttle 2s is that crews can keep working no matter what else is going on in the facility. Electric vehicles are cleaner, safe for use indoors, and most importantly, whisper-quiet. This is especially important when crews need to tackle maintenance projects while the facility hosts tours and other events.
“Tour guides can continue to give their tours while we’re working, and they’re not being disrupted by noise or exhaust,” Woodrow said.

The efficient 48-volt electric drivetrains of Cushman’s 800X and Shuttle 2 vehicles allow AT&T Stadium’s crew to tackle 12-hour workdays without stopping. Woodrow has implemented a system where vehicles are rotated out of service for a recharge when their power ebbs below 25 percent, but he’s surprised with how much work his crews can get done on a single charge.

Outside the stadium, 20 electric- and gas-powered Cushman Shuttle 4 and Shuttle 6 vehicles transport visitors who need a little help getting from Point A to Point B. Outfitted with comfortable bench seating, the Shuttle 4 and 6 vehicles safely and efficiently move visitors from the parking lot to the stadium entrance and beyond.

With AT&T’s Stadium’s packed entertainment schedule of daily tours, concerts and major sporting events, it’s all-systems-go, all the time.
“Cushmans are workhorses and they do what we ask them to do,” Woodrow said. “The vehicles are essential tools in our engineering and maintenance department.”

AT&T Stadium’s Cushman fleet was supplied through LBI Sports, Inc., its official provider of grounds and sports turf equipment. LBI Sports, Inc., has worked with the industry for our 50 years and is also the official supplier for The New York Jets, Houston Texans and other professional teams.

“Our clients depend on quality equipment to keep their facilities and grounds in premium condition at all times. Cushman products are reliable and built-to-last,” said Ron Luber, executive vice president of LBI Sports, Inc.