ECHO ProXtreme 2620 Series launches

ECHO is redefining the performance standard for professional landscape maintenance with the recent launch of its new ProXtreme 2620 products.  The new ECHO 2620 lineup includes a standard trimmer (SRM-2620), a high-torque trimmer (SRM-2620T), a brushcutter (SRM-2620U), and an edger (PE-2620).

The ECHO ProXtreme Series is the most powerful 26cc engine family ever developed.  It’s the power head that makes this lineup exceptional.  The ECHO ProXtreme Series offers a unique combination of high power and low weight. The newly designed 25.4 cc professional-grade two-stroke engine delivers 1.35 horsepower. The weight reduction is achieved primarily by using military-grade magnesium versus aluminum. Better air filtration is provided by using a two-stage air filtration system. An insulator plate and flexible bellows-style fuel transfer system dramatically reduces heat.  That system, combined with a remote fuel tank air vent versus an integrated fuel cap vent, prevents clogging and reduces re-start issues. The larger fuel tank allows for extended run time between fill ups.

The SRM-2620 uses a 1.62:1 gear reduction, while the SRM-2620T features a 2:1 gear reduction. This enables 23% more torque than the SRM-2620 for powering through thick, dense ground cover and optimal performance with a cutting blade.  The higher torque range of both models eliminates the need to run wide-open throttle to achieve peak torque. This keeps the unit cooler and saves fuel. The units cut 17” swaths and use the easy- loading Speed-Feed 400 head.

The SRM-2620U brushcutter’s gear reduction is 1.62:1. The tool-less, adjustable U handle has an integrated throttle lever and can fold parallel for storing and transport. It comes with an additional shield for blade use and shoulder harness. The blade is an optional purchase.

The PE-2620 edger uses a curved shaft design for better sight lines and more ergonomic tool positioning when in use. The contoured aluminum debris shield with open face reduces clogging. The captive wheel mount hardware enables easy wheel height adjustments with no chance of losing any parts.  The 2:1 gear case powers through tough overgrown grass.

ECHO also offers a wide selection of heads, line, blades, and work gear. As with all ECHO products, the ProXtreme Series 2620 products carry the standard five-year consumer/ two-year commercial warranty.